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I know exactly why you are here: you want to work on your fitness and health, but life and work seems to get in the way. I know what it's like, I've been there too.

I've been a fitness fanatic for years, but for a long time I really struggled with my weight: I was chasing wrong careers and had little energy to exercise after work. I wasn't even overweight, so I was also beating myself up that I wasn't able to be happy with myself ... Then I started working with a personal trainer, which changed everything for me: I started building muscle, burned fat but most of all ... I enjoyed fitness and my healthy lifestyle again. 

My hobby turned out to be my biggest passion and I changed careers: as co-founder of ASpire Fitness Group, I now work as a personal trainer together with Adriaan Hernandez and we want to share our knowledge with you. That is why we developed a 12 week lifestyle transformation program, specific designed for high performing business professionals. Because we know what it's like to struggle  fitting workouts into a busy schedule.

This is your chance to jump into the program and become the best version of yourself. Improve your fitness and you will also excel in your work. Are you READY to invest in your lifestyle? Let's get in touch to get started!


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ASpire Fitness Group

Gustav Mahlerlaan 823
1082MK Amsterdam

Tel: +31613278058

Email: susanpoeder@gmail.com


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