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Enhance Your Health And Performance

With Susan Poeder

Welcome to Susans world where fitness meets entrepreneurship. With a personalized coaching service, you'll feel empowered to take action in your life, creating more health and freedom with more impact than ever before. As a seasoned fitness professional, Susan Poeder knows what it takes to succeed in the industry - and in business. Join the community of go-getters.

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The Fitness Industry

Is Changing

And It's About Time.

For too long business professionals have been sitting around at their desks at their own health expense. We know you're working long days, compromising your energy and grinding your teeth everyday. Why?

Unless we cement down the bricks to rise above the trials and tribulations of the traditional work-life routines, we continue building businesses and careers on quicksand. 

  • Employers evade responsibility for their teams health

  • Business professionals lack knowledge to take action 

  • Employees remain stagnant

  • And you still don't have energy... or time

The world is constantly changing. And corporates are finally catching on. Now each business professional is met with a neccesary decision: rise above or stay behind.

Breaking A Sweat Into

A New Era Of Fitness

The fitness industry is experiencing a dawn of a new era, with advanced technologies and novel business approaches revolutionizing the sector from its core. As we navigate this uncharted terrain, we visualize a future where every fitness enthusiast can flourish in a stimulating, exiting and inspiring atmosphere. To aid fitness enthusiasts in staying ahead of the game, Susan is available to offer unwavering support.

For Fitness Clients

Lock in a fixed time and have Susan as your accountability partner to workout with you. No more cutting corners or postponing your workouts. 


Stop feeling exhausted throughout the day. Invest your energy to receive more energy so you can improve your overall work performance.

Perform Better

Broaden your perspectives and learn through personalized or group coaching from a highly accomplished fitness coach from the Netherlands.

Connect And Learn

For Female Fitness Coaches and Athletes

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Stop selling high quality services for pennies. Receive more money for your coaching efforts and attract loyal quality clients.

Earn More Money

Professionalise your coaching skills en start changing more lives. Tap into your inner entrepreneur, grow your business and expand your horizons. 

Be Impactful

Learn from other coaches and athletes in the industry and exchange knowledge about eachothers fitness business across the globe.

Nurture And Network

About me

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Maybe you're here because you want to prioritize your health and fitness, but it can be tough to balance life and work. Or maybe you[re here because you[re looking for an expert who can help you grow your fitness business. Whatever your purpose of your visit may be, I'm here to help.


When I started my fitness journey a decade ago, I was struggling with a burn-out, feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, and lacking confidence. Despite feeling tired after work, I committed to working out every day and eating healthier. While I did lose weight, I wasn't getting stronger and sometimes felt even more exhausted, worrying about pushing myself too far - again. Looking back, I realize how much easier it would have been to have a coach to guide me.


Thankfully, I did eventually find that guidance through personal trainers and professional education about fitness and nutrition. My body and mind became stronger, leading to better decision-making and a flourishing career.


As a co-founder of ASpire Fitness Group and Execufit Performance, I'm now working to help other ambitious professionals build stronger bodies and businesses. I want to share all my knowledge with you, which is why I've developed an intensive coaching method that will take your fitness to the next level.


If you're ready to perform better, this is your chance to join my team. Don't hesistate to ask me any questions. A bit of free advice never hurt anybody.

About me

Why Me

Quality Personal Training

As a seasoned coach I go beyond being a fitness enthusiast. I share a deep passion for business and entrepreneurship and possess a unique understanding of the effects of a hectic schedule. My primary objective is to inspire and steer you towards achieving your best potential.

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A combination of strength- and interval training and is going to help you burn more calories - even after your workout!


A personally designed resistance training program will effectively and efficiently help you build muscle over time.


My holistic approach will make you physically and mentally stronger. I am here to enhance your health.


My programs are designed to be functional so you can move better in daily life: pain free, flexible and strong.


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Stefanie Noort

"I started working with Susan around August 2021. I always played hockey back in Holland, but after moving to Dubai I couldn't find the drive to start working out. Ordering all the sweets and unhealthy food on Deliveroo didn't help a lot as well... I really have a sweet tooth. I've gained over 10kgs and wanted to get rid of it!

It took me some time to finally adjust to the 'new fit life' but I wish I did this way earlier! I've lost 7kgs, I'm finally having a new weekly routine and it doesn't cost me any effort to go to the gym anymore! I'm getting stronger and leaner every day. And I always with back pain, and strengthening my back has resulted in getting rid of it. Susan is always approachable on Whatsapp and always there to help you if you're having any struggles. She always motivates you to keep going! If you're doubting to start working out with Susan, please believe me: START NOW!"


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  • 4 Week Full Body Gym Training Guide 

  • Workout Schedule with 45 to 60 min sessions 3 Times Per Week

  • Tips And Tricks For Healthy Habits

  • Meal Plans To Get You Started

  • Get To Know Me As a Personal Trainer


Contact Me

Susan Poeder



Gymbase Overtoom 371-w

1054 JN Amsterdam

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