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Fit and Fierce: Feel Empowered To Conquer Fitness And Business

With Susan Poeder

Welcome to the world  where fitness meets entrepreneurship. With our personalized coaching services, you'll feel empowered to take action in your personal or professional life, creating more health and freedom with a profound impact than ever before. As a seasoned fitness professional, Susan Poeder knows what it takes to succeed in the fitness industry - and in business. Join the community of go-getters.

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The Fitness Industry

Is Changing

And It's About Time.

For too long business professionals have been sitting around at their desks at their own health expense. We know you're working long days, compromising your energy and grinding your teeth everyday. Why?

Unless we cement down the bricks to rise above the trials and tribulations of the traditional work-life routines, we continue building businesses and careers on quicksand. 

  • Employers evade responsibility for corporate health

  • Business professionals lack knowledge to take action 

  • Employees remain stagnant

  • You still don't have energy... or time

The world is constantly changing. And corporates are finally catching on. Now each business professional is met with a neccesary decision: rise above or stay behind.

Breaking A Sweat Into

A New Era Of Fitness

The fitness industry is experiencing a dawn of a new era, with advanced technologies and novel business approaches revolutionizing the sector from its core. As we navigate this uncharted terrain, we visualize a future where every fitness enthusiast can flourish in a stimulating, exiting and inspiring atmosphere. To aid fitness enthusiasts in staying ahead of the game, Susan is available to offer unwavering support.

For Fitness Clients

Show up for your workout when it suits you. Susan empowers you to live on your own terms and challenges you to balance your professional and personal life.


Stop feeling exhausted throughout the day. Invest your energy to receive more energy so you can improve your overall work performance.

Perform Better

Broaden your perspectives and learn through personalized or group coaching from a highly accomplished fitness coach from the Netherlands.

Connect And Learn

For Female Fitness Coaches and Athletes

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Stop selling high quality services for pennies. Receive more money for your coaching efforts and attract loyal quality clients.

Earn More Money

Professionalise your coaching skills en start changing more lives. Tap into your inner entrepreneur, grow your business and expand your horizons. 

Be Impactful

Learn from other coaches and athletes in the industry and exchange knowledge about eachothers fitness business across the globe.

Nurture And Network

For Media And Businesses

Show a way to a fitter, healthier lifestyle for executives and personnel who are making long days in the office through tailored corporate health events.

Healthy & Happy Work

Susan is the secret weapon to bring a fitness story to life. Educate, entertain or inform your audience about fitness and health with Susan as your expert guide. 

Capture The Story

Elevate your brand's image with the help of a skilled fitness expert and accomplished brand ambassador like Susan who can showcase your products in the best light possible.


About me

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You're here because you want to prioritize your health and fitness, but it can be tough to balance with work and other commitments. I can relate, as I've been in the same position.


When I started my fitness journey a decade ago, I was struggling with a burn-out, feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, and lacking confidence. Despite feeling tired after work, I committed to working out every day and eating healthier. While I did lose weight, I wasn't getting stronger and sometimes felt even more exhausted, worrying about pushing myself too far - again. Looking back, I realize how much easier it would have been to have a coach to guide me.


Thankfully, I did eventually find that guidance through personal trainers and professional education about fitness and nutrition. My body and mind became stronger, leading to better decision-making and a flourishing career.


As a co-founder of ASpire Fitness Group and Execufit Performance, I'm now working to help other career-driven individuals become stronger both inside and outside of the gym. I want to share all my knowledge with you, which is why I've developed an intensive coaching program to support your high-performing lifestyle.


If you're ready to perform at your highest level, this is your chance to join the program and give it your all. Let's chat to get started.

About Us


Susan was my first ever personal trainer. I’m quite experienced with lifting but I felt I was plateauing and also injuring myself more, so I decided to get a personal trainer. I really liked how personal her approach is. as a guy I was initially tentative that she wouldn’t be able to push me to lift heavy enough. After two months though I feel like she has strengthened a lot of key weak points in my physique and set the foundation for me to push myself to the next level. We set the goal to gain 5 kgs and after 2 months I had gained 2.5kgs, boosted my endurance and worked on stabilization and strengthening weak points so that I could then push myself to the next level. The results not withstanding, I’ve also found every workout with Susan to be a really pleasant experience where I’m just hanging out with a friend who is constantly encouraging me to give a 100% for each set. Lastly, as an experienced lifter I expected that I had little to learn, but Susan definitely added some complex power moves to my repertoire, targeting stabilization muscles that I probably never would have hit myself. Overall, I am really happy with my decision to hire her as a personal trainer and I’m really grateful for the level of personal attention and investment I get from her.


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  • 4 Week Full Body Gym Training Guide 

  • Workout Schedule with 45 to 60 min sessions 3 Times Per Week

  • Tips And Tricks For Healthy Habits

  • Meal Plans To Get You Started

  • Get To Know Me As a Personal Trainer


Contact Me

Susan Poeder



On-site and at home anywhere in Dubai

From Marina to Business Bay

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