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Lifestyle services for c-level executives, entrepreneurs and career driven individuals. 


Build a strong physique and build a strong business in the board room.

Become the
STRONGEST version of you.

Working out at home with online fitness

Intensive online coaching with weekly strategy calls, zoom check-ins and city pop-ups to train together!



A more intense an personal approach where I will push you to your limits, practice exercises from your workout plan and work on your progression.


About Us

About me

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I know exactly why you're here. You want to work on your fitness and health, but life and work seems to get in the way.

I know what it's like, I've been there too. When I started my fitness journey 8 years ago, I WAS NOT THE SAME PERSON. I just came out of a burn-out, was skinny-fat and I was very insecure. I wanted to feel strong, but after work I was too tired to hit the gym. I felt a bit jealous when I saw these high performers
 from Amsterdam Zuidas training in the gym - they looked so confident, strong and calm! So despite my tiredness I started working out every day, what I thought was right. I started eating healthy and did lose some weight, but I wasn't getting stronger... I sometimes felt even more exhausted, scared that I might push myself in a burn-out again... It would've been so much easier if I had someone to guide me.

Fortunately, that changed for me.
I started working with several personal trainers, educated myself professionally about fitness and nutrition and I was finally making progress. Not only did my body got stronger, my mind did too: my days became more structured, I had more energy and I started making better decisions and my career started to flourish.


As co-founder of ASpire Fitness Group and Fit Hustle Builders, I now work together with Adriaan Hernandez and we coach other career driven individuals to become stronger both in and out the gym. I want to share all my knowledge with you. That's why I developed an intensive coaching program that will be of great support for your high performing lifestyle. 

This is your chance to jump into the program so you can perform on the highest level as possible. Are you READY give it your all? Let's have a chat if you're ready to get started!





Susan was my first ever personal trainer. I’m quite experienced with lifting but I felt I was plateauing and also injuring myself more, so I decided to get a personal trainer. I really liked how personal her approach is. as a guy I was initially tentative that she wouldn’t be able to push me to lift heavy enough. After two months though I feel like she has strengthened a lot of key weak points in my physique and set the foundation for me to push myself to the next level. We set the goal to gain 5 kgs and after 2 months I had gained 2.5kgs, boosted my endurance and worked on stabilization and strengthening weak points so that I could then push myself to the next level. The results not withstanding, I’ve also found every workout with Susan to be a really pleasant experience where I’m just hanging out with a friend who is constantly encouraging me to give a 100% for each set. Lastly, as an experienced lifter I expected that I had little to learn, but Susan definitely added some complex power moves to my repertoire, targeting stabilization muscles that I probably never would have hit myself. Overall, I am really happy with my decision to hire her as a personal trainer and I’m really grateful for the level of personal attention and investment I get from her.


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  • 4 Week Full Body Gym Training Guide 

  • Workout Schedule with 45 to 60 min sessions 3 Times Per Week

  • Tips And Tricks For Healthy Habits

  • Meal Plans To Get You Started

  • Get To Know Me As a Personal Trainer


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Susan Poeder



On-site and at home anywhere in Dubai

From Marina to Business Bay

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