MPWR Program

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Evolve yourself to become STRONG with my personalized workout and nutrition program. EMPOWER through fitness.


What is included in MPWR?





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01 / Personalized Workout Program


All workout plans are personalized and will be updated every month. Whether you want to lose weight or tone your muscles, your schedule will be specifically designed to reach your goals in an effective way.

All exercises are supported by multi-angle instruction videos, so you'll learn how to execute your workouts properly. 

Whatever your training goal may be, you will become stronger, better, healthier and more energized in your daily life.

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02 / Personalized Meal Plan


Life comes in different flavours, so does your meal plan. All meal plans are 100% personalized, based on your fitness goals and tasting. So you get the chills of eating broccoli? We'll leave it out for you. I'll make sure you'll receive a new meal plan every month including a supplement plan. All of this is supported with a shopping list and nutritional facts so we stay on track on what you are eating.


The goal of this all? Giving you the right nutrition AND enjoy the foods you're eating. There are over 300 recipes available so you will never get bored. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available. 

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03 / HIVE Private Community


Be part of my private HIVE community where you can meet others who are DEDICATED to change their life with fitness. Share your motivation, successes, struggles and knowledge within my private team.

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04 / Direct 24/7 Whatsapp Contact


As a personal trainer, I come with you in the back of your pocket to guide you through your transformation. If you ever feel insecure or need support, whenever, wherever, I am here for you. I help you with your training program and meal plan so that you are going to be successful. 

05 / Exclusive App


All members will receive the MPWR program in a mobile application so you have everything you need in your pocket. No more excuses of not knowing what to cook when you're doing groceries. No more cutting corners when you're going to the gym. I'll give you everything you need to reach your goals. The app will be constantly updated with exclusive content like mental well-being videos, cardio exercises and stretching and mobility tips.


Take control of your life and become EMPOWERED