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Feeling swimsuit confident in 8-12 weeks.


Coached by Susan Poeder,
International Model Pro Athlete

10 years ago I started working out after I suffered from a burn-out. At age 23 I thought: how did I let it come this far? Fitness became my cure, and over the years I've educated myself professionally and coached hundreds of people internationally in their own health recovery and weight loss journey. In 2021 I decided to move to Dubai, which is considered the fitness Mecca of the world, where I had the privilege to work with some of the greatest athletes and brands in the industry. In 2023 my journey as a competitive bodybuilder began, and with great success: I brought home 4 medals out of 4 bikini categories of which 1 gold. In November I will compete again at the World Championships in London.

Now this is your opportunity if you are looking for guidance by someone who knows all the ropes of getting you into your best shape possible. Join me on this incredible journey and I will teach you everything you need to know so you won't need any other coach - ever! 

In 8-12 Weeks We Will Focus On

Stefanie Noort.jpg
Stefanie Noort.jpg

What Clients Say

"I started working with Susan around August 2021. I always played hockey back in Holland, but after moving to Dubai I couldn't find the drive to start working out. Ordering all the sweets and unhealthy food on Deliveroo didn't help a lot as well... I really have a sweet tooth. I've gained over 10kgs and wanted to get rid of it!

It took me some time to finally adjust to the 'new fit life' but I wish I did this way earlier! I've lost 7kgs, I'm finally having a new weekly routine and it doesn't cost me any effort to go to the gym anymore! I'm getting stronger and leaner every day. And I always with back pain, and strengthening my back has resulted in getting rid of it. Susan is always approachable on Whatsapp and always there to help you if you're having any struggles. She always motivates you to keep going! If you're doubting to start working out with Susan, please believe me: START NOW!"

Stefanie Noort

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